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What can I say? Dietitians love helping others and I am no exception.

Since 2013, I've been a full-time dietitian with many hats. What first started as a volunteer gig, turned into a serious side hustle; I’ve been a social media manager and virtual assistant for dietitians since 2017. (I am easily bored and need something to do at all times 🤓 - blessing and a curse, right?!)⁣

I love helping dietitians trim their workload and prevent digital overwhelm. I know how busy dietitians are, because, well, I am one! It really gets me excited when you feel like you finally have the freedom to spread YOUR wings, and can focus on what really matters — your clients and your practice!⁣

I’ve been working behind-the-scenes for years with media and small business dietitians alike and am bubbling with excitement to bring all of my knowledge to you.⁣

If you’re a dietitian and could use some help getting your social media content strategy off the ground (or have any other digital branding or marketing you need help with), book a discovery call with me and we’ll chat!

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